Welcome to my Website!

Welcome to the Website of the Biography of Huy. On this Website I will go over a brief overhead of my life and interesting facts about me. My name is Huy Huynh and I like to watch action movies like John Wick, and Avengers. I also like listening to Linkin Park and Gorillaz they are two bands that i grow very fond of. My favorite sport to watch on Tv are Football and Basketball, as well as Soccer. Neocities.

My two favorite sports are Basketball and Football.

Mordecai from Regular Show

Linkin Park

Favorite Types of Soda

Favorite Movies

Favorite Rock Bands

Favorite Songs

Favorite Sports

I am productive person and I tend to sometimes get lazy but I mostly do my work. I have to complete for class,however there are things that annoy me a lot, from people looking at my screen trying to cheat because they don't know something. Overall I'm looking to finish high school so I can go to college.

Not only do I like movies I also like Amusement Parks and the thrill of going on Rollercoasters, while eating cotton candy and throwing up all over again on the Rollercoaster.

Comepetition is my favorite word when it comes to sports because I always want to win, but it requires lots of effort which evetually exahausts my mind and my body.

I have a pet dog named Milo who keeps me company most of the time when my parents aren't home, He is a Norwegien Elkhound, A hunting dog whose ancestors were Vikings, he is six turning seven in dog years.

I can be boring sometimes, but usually a fun guy, get it fungi, haha, bad joke but yeah, I'm pretty funny to be around and I make small mistakes all the time.

Above my list of favorite movies, bands, song, and types of soda are shown, the four paragraphs above this one show that I like a variety of songs, bands, movies, and types of soda, indicating that I can relate to a majority of people.

Below are the links to the songs i listen to through Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Songs I listen to on the Daily

  • One More Light - Linkin Park
  • On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
  • Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
  • Take On Me- a-ha
  • More about Me

    I'm a huge pizza guy, I like eating pizza ever since I was kid and I have a majority of family members who like eating pizza like me, even though they enjoy other foods besides pizza.

    One wish I have is to get a car after I get my license and graduate college because I would be an Adult by then and can afford to go to many places like bars, and clubs.

    Mr. Butler is my favorite teacher, when it comes to Technology and Introduction to Software Development.

    Friends I have grown very fond of

  • Chris McPhillips
  • Liam Ferry
  • David Horak
  • Anthony Paoletti
  • Gabe Stokes
  • I have a variety of games i like to play which include the list below, also below this paragraph is a image of one of the games I like to play which is Baseball Superstars 2013.

    Video Games I enjoy Playing

  • Madden Mobile 19
  • Baseball Superstars 2013
  • Candy Crush
  • Dishonered
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  • My Brother is getting married in October, prior to him getting engaged with his girlfriend, I get to help out with guiding our family members to out seats as well as friends who we know, there is gonna be a ton of food there, which is depicted by the image below.


    I do believe relationships are important because you have to know who you want to be friends with and who you don't wanna be friends with, Sure! Society does have an impact in how you make friends but not everyone needs friends, some people like to be introverts meaning they rather not talk to people and rather be left alone, which is completely fine, the Book Walden goes into further detail about it which is followed by the quote beneath this paragraph.

    My Favorite Quote From Walt Disney

    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".

    My Ethnicity

    I am Vietnamese, A tiny percent of Irish and German, As A Vietnamese Person I enjoy cuisines as the ones listed below, as well as American Food which was already listed above.

    Vietnamese Food I Enjoy

  • Pho
  • Vietnamese Springroll
  • Vietnamese Crepe
  • Places I have been

  • Maine
  • Canada
  • New Jersey
  • Things that I can't stand

  • Bullying
  • People acting like their cool, but their not
  • Crying over Spilled Milk